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May Days

“Where is everybody?” said the Dome Gardeners today.

Now, these Gardeners are proper ‘Gardeners’ unlike our well known speaking mistake, ‘The Gardeneers’, who work on the rest of the site.

It’s always like this in May. I was comparing notes with two other Glamping site owners in Hampshire the other day and they said the same thing. Nobody travels between the Bank Holidays.

But it’s a shame.

“They should be here!!! Now!!” Said Chief Gardener No 1. “Yes, they should!” agreed Sous Gardener No 2. Emphatically.

So you have all been told. Come and see us between the bank Holidays in May next year. Because the simple truth is the garden is at its absolute best; the sky is bluest, the colours are freshest and the air is the cleanest.

How can you resist?

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