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What to bring??

Ok. We know. This is a big website – and the more we write the less clear it seems to become!

You can be forgiven, therefore, for not knowing exactly what is included in your stay and what you need to bring. So, here is our handy guide to what to pack and what to leave behind.

In The Domes
We provide…
Beds, (derrr…) made up with duvets and crisp white linen, if the weather is predicted to be very cold during your stay and you are of a fragile temperament then feel free to bring an extra blanket or a wooly hat to keep you warm in the middle fo the night.

There is electric light, of one sort or another, in all the domes, but do not bank on plug sockets.

A wood burner with a starter supply of dried, compressed eco logs. We also supply matches (or, soon, some nice branded lighters). The logs we provide are just to get you started. You can buy from The Lodge – so you don’t have to panic. The compressed logs are far and away the most cost efficient method for heating the domes. We strongly advise against buying logs from local garages and bringing them in. They are always soaking wet and provide very little heat, so are terrible value for money.

A private ensuite is attached to each of the big domes but a step away (and three steps up) from each of the Hobbity domes. This has a sink with hand-washing liquid, a normal flushing loo with loo paper and either a shower or a bath. Water is heated by YOU in a wood fired boiler inside the ensuite which you need to light once a day for about an hour – unless your skin wants a holiday from washing too.

In the Kitchens
Each Dome has a kitchen area next to it which you organise yourself with equipment from the Kitchen Shed where you will find almost everything you could possibly want to cook with. So all the pans and plates and crocs and pots you need as well as stove top coffee makers and hurricane stoves for boiling water. There are culinders, cutters and cutlery, garlic presses, potato peelers and bottle openers. Sharp knives, we keep in the Main Lodge.

If you are cooking for yourselves you might want to lighten the load in the car. All the supermarkets deliver, just use The Lodge address with postcode GL167EN.

A rocket stove to cook on. This is a cast iron griddle, powered by sticks that you can collect in the forest. They are very efficient and cook brilliantly with very little mess – unlike BBQs which don’t! – so we don’t have any of those.

An organic fridge. This is an evaporative box which keeps things cool and squirrel free. You can make it colder with ice packs from the small freezer below the sinks in the washing up area.

This is located in one corner of the site, so there are washing up bowls to carry things in and dishwashing liquid at the sinks. But no tea towels!

All the kitchens have electric lights, to a greater or lesser extent, but you will still need to bring a torch.

For Babies
Until we complete our much awaited Babyshack, Mums (or Dads On Duty – DOD’s) can enter the sacred temple that is the Restaurant kitchen (all others risk beheading) to use the fridge, the microwave, the kettle, the oven and anything else they need to make their lives easier.

The Shop.
Over the last 8 years this has had its ups and downs and has had more and less of different things. Food was a disaster and someone kept nicking all the sweets, so there is very little of that on offer. Mainly it sells maps and books and more compressed logs and firelighters.

The truth is that The Shoppe is probably only still in existence because we like the line in the website that says ‘Ye Olde Shoppe – Ancient Britains weren’t much good at spelling but they did like a bit of flogging.’

OK we’re rambling now but we think you have the idea.

So remember TOWELS, TEA TOWELS AND TORCHES – that’s about it. Add a bike, a blanket and a sense of adventure and you’ll be more than fine.

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