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The Dome Garden > News > Pt 8. The Reveal!

Pt 8. The Reveal!

Every architecture show on TV has a final part. In the business, it’s called ‘The Reveal’.

It’s the bit at the end of the show where my old mate George Clarke walks up the road saying it’s all “bin Amazin’” and how he wonders if they could possibly have finished it since he was last there. It’s when you know the completed building (derr!) is being held, tantalisingly, just out of sight behind the camera – for just a few more seconds. It’s when Kevin McCloud utters his final piece of nonsense before… SHEBANG!!

There it is…

In all its glory…


But the pristine facade hides a mess of panic in the lead up to the final hours when the camera team arrive – gangs of researchers are dragooned in to help, rushing around at the last minute, chucking white paint on anything that doesn’t move, shifting pot plants to hide unfinished skirting boards or protruding cables and dumping all the builder’s rubbish in piles just out of sight of the camera.

And we were no different…

We had labourers racing around cobbing the last walls, trimming bits of carpet and trying desperately to breath life into rolls of turf that had been left stacked up for too long. All just in time, before the first guests arrived as Mo held them up in the reception for an eternity making endless cups of tea, telling anecdotes and pretending there was an oasis of calm behind the hedges.

That was a few weeks ago now. All the brown turf has turned green, the little gardens ring with the sound of laughing children and there are wows and oohs and aahs of surprise as people are shown into each of the three Hobbity domes – Sandstone, Flintstone and Bambam – for the first time.

Looking back, it all seems like an impossible, exhausting dream. This is the the bit where Kevin moves in to try and make the protagonists cry, as they well up with emotion about how it was their life’s dream and how much they had to go through to achieve it.

Well, no tears here – just delight that, finally, these extraordinary little buildings have made their way out of the ground, hopefully to delight and entertain thousands of people over the next few years, who will enjoy staying in them and be amused by the funny games that we continue to play at the Dome Garden.!!

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