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A little word about our complaints procedure…

Two years ago we set in motion a specific procedure, so that any complaint made to us can be investigated fully and due consideration given to whether any discount, refund or compensation might be appropriate. Thankfully, it is not used very often but when it is we hope it’s a way of diffusing any unhappiness and getting to the core of whatever might have gone wrong.

We also thought that after five years a company like ours should have a more formal procedure to follow.

The reason we do it is not only to ensure that all complaints are properly and systematically dealt with, but also to establish, with absolute clarity, what may or may not have happened. At the end of the investigation we report back, with a complete picture of what we have found.

This is to protect both the complainant and The Dome Garden itself from unfounded allegations or accusations of unfair treatment. It is a more considered approach than any knee jerk reaction when problems arise and if there are faults, it means they can be logged and rectified.

It is also designed to stop people making spurious reviews on websites!

The changes in US law over the last few years (scandalously) grant immunity to the publishers for anything they allow on their sites. The immunity, however, does not extend to anyone writing the actual reviews – something many fail to realise as they gallop into the public domain with claims that are often distorted and sometimes simply untrue.

All the material we gather is therefore carefully documented and time stamped in order for it to be useable as evidence in court, where genuine problems can be thrashed out, rather than falling prey to the exaggerated tittle tattle and open blackmail of unregulated gossip mongers on the internet.

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