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Sunday Times Glamp

Those crazy people!! Glamping is still the rage at the Sunday Times, and every time they mention us, everything goes bananas.

Yet again The Sunday Times Glamping article listed us in the top ten UK Glamping sites, aided and abetted by their – and our – very good friends at Cool Camping.

Result being a DOUBLING of visitors on the website. Just under 2,000 individual people by the close of play tonight and a positive avalanche of enquiries to come and stay.

And so pleased too as, with all the changes we have made over the winter, the Dome Garden is going to look at it’s absolute best for a tidal wave of visitors this Summer – especially those Sunday Times Glamping readers.

So please, please if you are thinking of coming this year please please please get in touch now. There is still room. We turned away about 1000 enquiries last Summer because they were too late… Don’t let that be you this year.

Have we said please enough. Please. There that’s the last one.


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