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The Pebbles – a new glamping experience – Pt 1

So begins the end of a long tale that started way back in the mists of time and is now finally drawing to a close, or rather, a start. The start of a new glamping experience.

For the last two years visitors to the Dome Garden can’t fail to have noticed what is happening on the far edge of the site. We call it ‘The Pebbles’ – others call it ‘that mess in the corner’.

It’s nearly finished now and last week I posted on my own Facebook page commenting on how sometimes you look at something and go “Wow. I can’t believe I built that” and for others to say ” Wow, I can’t believe you built that “. The problem is the two comments can mean completely different things!

A friend of ours also wittily commented “we all know you built them – but none of us can work out why!”

Ho ho…

The answer is that they are a chance to invent a whole new Glamping Experience – right here at the Dome Garden. When they are complete there will be three little hobbity style, semi-solid, sunken domes surrounding an amazing set of three, cave-like ensuites – one for each dome. Partly covered by earth and planted with ferns and mosses, they will cater specifically to couples but also be great for small families with one or two tiny children.

In the Summer they will sit alongside the part-catered glamping experience as it is elsewhere in the Dome Garden but, come the winter, they will operate as a 2 night minimum stay, catered option.

We think they are the coolest thing we have ever built and will more than match the best of the Glamping experiences available in this country and possibly anywhere in the world.

So, because we love you, dear Domateer, (and so you can appreciate the pain and suffering we have all endured) over the next few days we’re going to take you on a journey. One filled with pictures of the process that seems to stretch so far back that, if you look carefully, you can see cavemen watching from the woods…

click here for part 2…

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