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Wot? No “Frills Package” for The DG

Frills packages

Every year, we review what we offer at the Dome Garden and how much we charge. We then compare it to others in the Glamping fraternity. Various people in the media have been kind enough to call us the ‘UK’s top Glamping site’. So we want to make sure it’s justified.

But last week one of our guests suggested that we might be more expensive than two of our competitors.

So we checked.

For what we offer, it turns out we’re not!

The reason for the misunderstanding was the perennial difficulty of comparing apples with oranges – or perhaps London buses. So, yes, it costs more to visit the Dome Garden than a site with a few bell tents bunged in a corner of a field with a sign saying glamping or a camp with a communal loo block or where you have to walk across a farmers field to have a wash.

On first sight, we might also appear more expensive than sites where you book first and then pay a series of add-ons later. The so called ‘Frills package’ where you pay extra for those extra little details like er… a shower or, perhaps, a chicken!

We were the first Glamping site to include everything we possibly could in the price – so yes, private en-suites with loos and showers or baths as standard, and yes, free access to chickens, oh and we don’t charge extra to make up the beds either!

We are, however, still resisting installing hot tubs – the darling of the frills package. We do hire them in for special occasions, but only where they are supervised and properly maintained.

Warm water is the perfect medium for cultivating bugs, so to keep a hottub from becoming a steaming cauldron of ecoli or breeding bed for bacteria they have to be refilled with clean water every four hours and scrubbed clean between each use. If not the hygiene issues can be really serious, so we are not proposing having them until we can come up with a realistic management regime.

And you should be wary of anyone that suggests anything less!

Anyway, the bottom line is this.

If you like comparing prices, pleeeease make sure it’s apples against apples.

or London Buses against London Buses!

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