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Fed up & board ?!

Food at the Dome Garden is a feast.
Not least because it means, with us at the helm, there are no more burnt fingers or smokey eyebrows for you – and that’s just the starter.

So, cast off your puffa jacket and fireproof mitts and settle in. Kick off the evening, by the fire, with a Cold Cadogan Cider or a nice glass of chilled Chardommay before tucking into a chunk of Best Beef Ever or covering yourself in flour, making pizzas the shape of Africa.

The best option is to take our “Fed Up & Board” option, which covers most of your meals and works out about 10% less than taking them individually. Plus, it gives you the right to saunter past the rocket stove cognescenti and observe casually, if not smuggly, ‘Oh dahlings, your pasta looks just so, well, al dente!”

The Menu

Meals operate on a ‘Plat Du Jour’ basis. i.e. one single dish per sitting. If you have a preference from our list of regular dishes then do ask, but it normally goes like this…

Arrival night, is fairly simple with things like Chicken Tarragon or our specially prepared Super-rich Spaghetti for the adults and Spagheteeny for the kids.
Second night is Pizza Night – (which starts early if there are little kids).
The 3rd night, (or if you’re here midweek, the 4th night) usually one of our big oven meals so ‘Perfect Pork’, or ‘Best Beef’, or even Killer Chicken. But it could also be Wild Boar Burger Bar, Mango Tango or Chicken Tarragon – and don’t worry there are vegetarian options too…

If you have a strong preference, or dietary need, just let us know your choice in advance so we can make sure we have it available for your stay.

The Damage?

Half-board Weekends – Friday and Saturday evening meals plus Sunday late lunch or evening meal, two full breakfasts and a light version on the last morning.
That’s three evening meals and 2 1/2 breakfasts –
Adult £85 Child (under 12 but eating proper meals) £55.

Tiny tots under two go free (and, we assume, nibble bits from parents plates.)

Half-board Midweeks – all that, plus one more breakfast. So 3 evening meals & 3 1/2 breakfasts. (No evening meal on Wednesdays…)
Adult £85, Child (under 12) £58.

Half Board Weeks – 6 evening meals and 5 breakfasts throughout the week (which gives the chef a break on one day) Adult £135, Child £95.

Both options will include one Pizza Night and one Best Beef Ever or Perfect Pork or something similar. The rest will be things like Wild Boar Burger Bar, Mango Tango or Super Rich Spaghetti – and don’t worry there are vegetarian options too… (Ooops we said that already!)

All of which we promise are simply, well, scrummy !!

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