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The Whole Enchilada

We enjoy making food at the Dome Garden. And our range of meals works so well we’ve had to fire the dishwasher! (no, that’s not a non-sequitur)

For larger events we offer a fully catered option and, occasionally, there’s a half board package which is compulsory over the Late May Bank Holiday weekend.

The rest of the time, if you just want a taste of what we do, Pizza Nights are on Tuesdays and Saturdays and there’s ‘Wood Fired Food’ on Thursdays. That means beef, pork, chicken or boar burgers finished in the oven or over a barbecue.

Occasionally, if no-one books food in advance, we can’t guarantee we will have the right staff or ingredients on-site to cook with. So, if you want to guarantee food will be available, you must let us know in good time!

If you want to read about our half board option too then click here.

For corporate clients or groups bookings there’s a wide choice but here’s a rundown of some of our favourites – with prices to boot!

Breakfast. £9.50 /£7.50 (for mini’s)
Cafetières of coffee, piping hot Japanese cast iron pots of tea and lots of juice. Occasionally green smoothies, if there are things in the garden to gather for them!

On day one, the hot bit is normally our cast iron breakfast platter, full of all the things the Dome Garden does best; organic eggs from the house chickens, brilliant bacon, award winning sausages (and sometimes black pudding) from our fabulous local butcher, toast from The Forest’s own artisan baker, mushrooms gently pan fried in butter and oven grilled plump tomatoes.

And we get more excited as the days go by; it might be our wild boar sausages from the forest with mushrooms hash browns and scrambled eggs or the now-famous ‘Domed Eggs’, lightly scrambled with a little smoked salmon. And then it’s the explosion of eggieness that is eggs benedict, served over sizzled bacon with foaming hollandaise and a little tomato compote. Or it might be our ‘pick your own omelette’ – served as no other omelette is served… and then there’s the Egg Bomb, an explosion of delight!

For vegetarians, giant mushrooms soaked in butter and grilled to perfection with pesto, pine nuts, and striped haloumi along with a grilled tomato and a poached egg if you want it.

On the last day, breakfast is more low key with juice and cereals and toast or mediterranean breakfast salad with boiled eggs to set you up for the long march home.

Pizza Night £14.50 /£10.50
People come back specially for this. We hand our dough on from week to week and, having made a new batch, mature it over two days to make our pizzas rise and stretch in a way few others do.

We show you how to stretch them out and how to assemble the perfect Neapoltian pizza from a complete range of toppings, before cooking them in our giant Pizza Oven. If there are only a few people in, we’ll light the oven for fun but we’ll show you how to cook them using the stuff you already have at home. Either way you’ll be amazed.

Comes with garlic bread, tomato and mozzarella salad and green salads which, in the summer, come from our very own mini salad garden – known as the Pizza beds.

Oh and just by chance our ‘Domani’ and ‘Il Duomo’ wines have been specially selected to match the pizzas perfectly.

‘Plates o’ Meat’,9.00 Great Selection of forest charcuterie – nestled in amongst the products of a rummage through the pizza beds.

‘Dome Garden Hedgehog’ £9.00 baked sourdough cob, loaded with camembert and infused with white wine, rosemary and garlic served with warm honey from the forest.

‘Purple Pears’ Ridiculous mix of flavours with poached pears and a concoction of cheeses, perfectly coated in a sticky reduction.

‘Best Beef Ever’ £19.95 Adult £13.95 Child
Locally reared joints of Sirloin (or Wagyu beef at a supplement) hung for a month and then gently cooked for 24hrs before being seared to perfection at 500°C. Served with grilled, baked potato skins slathered in butter, gaucho salad, a red wine reduction and a slate of oven roast vegetables. Best Beef indeed.

‘Perfect Pork’ £18.95 / 12.95
There is a reason London has been consumed by barbecue fever. This is how you do it.
Cold smoked cuts of Gloucester old spot pork or Wild Boar when we can get it, slow cooked to perfection, then cold smoked and flamed on our superheated barbecue grill, and covered in the Stinking Hot Garden Sauce made from apricots, tomatoes and molasses. It generally comes with mash or potato dauphinoise and then apple ketchup, orange and anise gravy and, sometimes, wilted and sautéd swiss chard from the garden. You’ll never look at your barbecue in the same way again.

‘Super-rich Spaghetti’ £14.95/£8.95 and ‘Spagheteeny’ £5.95
This comes from a recipe by Heston Blumenthal. In our opinion the best spaghetti bolognese you can possibly eat. But it’s also nigh on impossible to make and, as it says on the ‘tin’, really is super rich and bursting with a million flavours. It takes days to make, it’s very special and, because it has so much in it, you don’t just woof it down!! So, for any teenies in the house, we also do ‘Spagheteeny’ (Yes, we are conscious of the spelling!’). Juicy tomato paste from our pizza sauce and long spaghetti – the stuff that goes all over your shirt when you suck it up! Perfect for teenies.

‘Mango Tango’ £14.95/£9.95
Seared, rare tuna with mango, avocado and chilli seafood salsa. Very few carbs, just a little crusty bread but bundles of whacky, fishy, fruity, spicy flavours. Add a glass of Domaine D’Aume and you’ll go ‘Duh! That’s amazing, how did that happen?”.

‘Killer Chicken’ £14.95 / £9.95
We don’t know exactly why, but chickens cooked in our pizza oven, the day after we do pizzas are moist, tender and completely delicious. Add roast potatoes cooked in goose fat and a slab of oven-roast vegetables along with our secret recipe for chicken gravy and you have Dinner To Die for.

‘Boar Burger Bar’ £14.95 / £9.95
Free range food at its best, compiling your own Scoobysnack with succulent burgers from the Forest’s own Free Range Boars. Shaggy would have loved ’em.

all £4.90/£3.50
‘El Coronel’.
Warm fruits of the forest, laden with hooch and ladelled over lemon sorbet and home made raspberry ice cream. For adults there’s a little something added to the Fruits to help you sleep!! Purely medicinal you understand,

‘Pizza Pudding Surprise.
There’s chocolate and there are bananas. There are other things too – but if we tell you, there’s no surprise!

Have your cake and eat it! Yes.
Lemon or Lime Drizzle bars, drenched in vodka, treacle, tarragon and honeysuckle from the garden and served with one of our specialities – home made margarita ice cream. Phwaoor!

‘More Cheese Gromit” £10
For cheese fanatics there is a bewildering array of amazing hand-made cheeses within a few miles of The Dome Garden. The amazing Hereford Hop and Stinking Bishop being two of our current favourites and then just over the border there are some amazing Blue cheeses too. Unfortunately they’re also really expensive, so this is a small but mouthwatering plate of utter delight to love and linger over.

One word of caution. We only guarantee the food service if it is ordered in advance, otherwise we may not have the right things in, or anyone to cook it – so please do let us know if you want to eat with us.

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