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Corporate Glamping

Looking for a Corporate Glamping location?
Look no further!

corporate glamping

This is no ordinary corporate venue. It is an inspirational location for alternative and stylish corporate glamping events and conferences.

A benchmark location to build bridges with your sales team, reward top barmen for your drinks brand, brainstorm new product ideas for cooked meats or simply take your staff away for a really cool corporate glamping break.

The Dome Garden has 10 stylish, insulated geodesic domes, 20ft diameter pods that are arranged as a small eco-village. They have everything you need for a really productive few days of team building, conferencing and workshopping.

It is perfectly placed for people coming from opposite ends, and sides, of the country. 2 1/2 hours from London and Manchester, less from Oxford or Birmingham and half an hour from Bristol and Cardiff.

It was voted the “Best Luxury Campsite” by National Geographic Traveller and The Sunday Times magazines. Cool Camping and The Guardian listed it in the “Top 5 luxury campsites” in the country.

So, you couldn’t be in better hands.

corporate glamping!

Corporate glamping? or Gourmet glamping?

We do proper food at the Dome Garden with full, onsite, catering facilities specialising in dishes along the theme of wood fired food. That’s everything from slow cooked marinated and barbecued pork loins to flame finished, sous-vide Waggyu beef. We produce world class pizzas in our wood oven, as well as imaginative vegetarian specialities and mouth watering organic breakfasts.

The Dome Garden is not a hotel, but it does have beautiful, private en-suites, luxurious linen and cosy wood burners.

It is not a business venue ‘per se’, but it does have wifi, coffee and pin-up space.

Nor is it a campsite; but there are zips in the doors and a small number of tent pegs and guys. There is also the unmistakable proximity to the forest outside and a lot of fires; fires to cook by, to sit by, to heat baths by and to make tea by.

The result is neither hotel, nor campsite, nor business venue. It’s a refreshing, delicious even, blend of all three!

corporate glamping

For corporate glamping events The Dome Garden is nothing, if not flexible.

On one hand, it’s a peaceful refuge in the middle of the woods, where small corporate glamping groups can get together to brainstorm new ideas. Where the change of air and the absence of distractions, make it an ideal place to focus and create.

On the other hand, it’s an exciting location for outdoor pursuits and team building with our newly constructed low ropes initiative course.

Finally, it can be a great reward venue. There are optional saunas and hot tubs, amazing pizza nights, exceptional food and more things to do than you can shake a stick at; from bushcraft and mountain biking, to caving, climbing and canoeing.

To find out more, just send us an email to, or visit visit for a dedicated look at our corporate glamping offering.

If you like to talk, pick up the phone and call Jonny for a chat about what you need and how we can help.

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