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Swing Low!

Awaydays that make a difference

Consolidate your teams with a meaningful, corporate awayday on the Dome Garden’s team building, low ropes course.
The best corporate awayday we’ve ever had. Every single delegate had positive feedback – about everything; team building, low ropes course, staff, atmosphere, service, food – everything.

Hang On a Minute!

The aim of the team building low ropes course is to provide a challenging set of initiative tasks that can be completed against the clock by any mixed ability group. It requires several teams of 6-8 and sets personal and team goals in a business context, so that delegates leave with not only a combined sense of achievement but also a closer working relationship to build on.

It was crucial when designing the course that, while some tasks required a degree of physical dexterity, all of them would need lateral thought. The result is quite tricky but not physically demanding, requiring high levels of observation, co-operation and communication, as well as a generous helping of trust, faith and reliance between team members. Only then can each whole team complete the tasks and progress through to put themselves in prime position for the final, end-game challenge.

The team building low ropes course has been a huge success in its first year, delivering exactly those results for dozens of teams across the country.

It can definitely do the same for yours!

OK. How does it work?

The Team Building course can be run as a stand-alone, single day event or it can be incorporated into your 2 or 3 day awayday programme for groups staying over at the Dome Garden itself.

The course provides a welcome interlude in a day’s schedule or a burst of fresh air to keep everyone stimulated and on track through the course of other work.

We’re less than an hour from the business centres of Cheltenham, Gloucsester, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Newport. So, it really is feasible to complete the entire programme in a single day away from the office. Here’s how…

9.00 Leave Head Office.

10.00am, arrive at the Dome Garden. Meet, greet and be made welcome with a cup of tea or coffee and some delegate orientation.

11.00am Start the team building low ropes course with games, puzzles and challenges across 6 of the 12 elements of our really sneaky initiative course.

2.00pm An excellent late lunch, comprising any of our Wood Fired Food inspired dishes followed by the final challenge and a return to the office – all before normal home time.


Since it was set up in the Spring of 2017, scores of people have taken on the challenges provided by The Dome Garden Team Building low ropes course. The key is to only take it as seriously as you need. For those with an eye to training and development it forms a perfect prism with which to observe corporate personalities. In an instant those who don’t listen are brought into sharp contrast with those who can’t be heard. It automatically finds those who can keep their cool, when those around them are losing theirs and it really does show who leads by nature rather than nurture.

Above all, it’s fun – you can see that writ large on the faces of the people in the pictures on this page. And because it was built and conceived by the fiendish minds of the team at the Dome Garden itself, there really is nowhere else quite like it.

We’re very proud of what we have built here, so much so that we occasionally wonder if we’d had awaydays like this – maybe we’d still be working for a big corporation!!

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