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The Dome Garden > UK Glamping Holidays at The Dome Garden

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Dome Garden

What is it?

UK Glamping Holidays for all

The Dome Garden is the last word in top class uk glamping holidays.  Glamorous camping that really does what it says on the tin.

It’s set in the middle of the Ancient Forest of Dean and is a really cool collection of eco-conscious, geodesic domes, providing luxurious, partly self-catering, uk glamping holidays for groups of two to eight people.

It’s so ‘cool’ in fact that Cool Camping themselves reckoned “Kevin McCloud would say this place is, indeed, a work of Grand Design!

It has fires and stoves you light yourselves, it has pizza nights that make you want to go home and build your own oven. It has things to do and places to go and, if you don’t want to cook for yourselves, an informal cafe that provides random acts of casual gastronomy for discerning palates.   As well as some ridiculously named bottles of wine;  “Cote du Dome, anyone?”

dome garden

If Kevin McCloud was here he wold indeed say it was a work of Grand Design.

What's it like?

dome garden

The looks of wonder on the kids’ faces when we first got there was just superb and the constant sense of discovery was something that’ll stay with them for years.

What do you do?

dome garden

What can I say but WOW!

What do people say?

‘Not only have our visitors had lovely things to say about the Dome Garden’s unique take on UK Glamping holidays – which you will see on review sites and various pages here – but the press have been very kind too.

And how often can you say that these days!?’

dome garden

This place is genuinely fabulous – my 7 year old was in heaven.”  “Great balance for us, camping but with pretty lovely bathroom and great use of kitchen microwave for babies bottles.

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