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Double Dome

Barely seen since they were invented in 1948, this dome, with its external frame, is not only a miraculous blend of  engineering and philosophy but now the ultimate luxury glamping double act.

Here, the 17ft exo-dome sits across from a tiny 12ft bed-dome.  So, two domes for the price of one – well, one and a bit maybe…

But which half to choose?  Easy now… we don’t want a fight!!

Nose to nose they face each other. Only a luxury bathroom stands between them.

In the Green Corner… weighing in at 17ft. The Exo-Dome.  A super strong stainless steel skeleton supporting a lightweight internal shell, with enough space inside to swallow up to four people.  This is the Goliath of a dome!

In the (other) Green Corner… dwarfed by the opposition across the deck stands the 12ft bed-dome. But don’t be mislead, this didi-dome packs a mighty punch! With a triple-bed set in the floor and a giant sky panel in the roof it’s ideal for couples who want to moon or families who like to rumble.

Bring it on!!

(All sounds better with a drum roll, a bit of echo, crowds cheering and some lively music – you know, the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ type stuff!!)

Prices start at £545 for an off season midweek stay of 4 nights and go up to £797 if you come in the peak Holiday season. Checkout the availability bar above for exact prices. Remember this dome is priced for 6 people. .

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