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The Sky Dome

One of the joys of the Dome Garden is the night sky.

In the depths of The Forest, it’s as dark as a dark thing, on a dark night.

The Skydome is for those nights.

With its elevated flying bed, set just below the level of the roof windows, there’s a panoramic view of the millions of stars and the glories of the clear, blue moon.

But it’s not just about the nights.

Salvador Dali lived on the most easterly extreme of the coast of Spain, so the sun would shine on him first, every day. Well, it’s the same here…

The Sky Dome sits at the highest point in The Forest so, like Dali himself, you too can be first to catch the rays of sun, as they rise over the trees in the morning!

But is it free? Click here for Season Dates and here for Latest Availability Summary!

Bank holiday weekends must include meals as follows.
Early May BH – 2 meals during stay
Late may bank Holiday – Fed up and Board package only.
August Bank Holiday – 2 meals during stay.

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