The Lodge Rooms BnB


Everything comes to those who wait! – and these spaces are no exception!

The Lodge Rooms BnB is a set of stylish and modern bedrooms inside The Lodge – the main building at the heart of the Dome Garden.

Six different spaces, but similar in so many ways:

All have comfy, pocket-sprung beds with fluffy duvets, hot water you DONT’T have to heat yourself, (unlike in the Dome Garden itself) tea and coffee on the grass and even, yes, we give in, a TV on the wall.

All the spaces are clothed in a uniquely recycled, forest-inspired environment that, at the end of a busy day, will have you sleeping like a log.

The Coal Store

If The Lodge Rooms BnB has a bridal suite, this is probably it. A fabulous double with its non-living wall and, several steps below, the best bathroom – or Bath House – on the planet!

For two hundred years, forest workers stored coal down here, lit only by candles in the niches that still line the walls. Fill the double-ended bath and lie back steeped, not just in bubbles and candlelight, but in history too!

The Garden Store

This is a lovely space with a large, en-suite dressing room and a supercool ‘Steampunk’ shower. Super-comfy double bed, with recycled, pallet-wood shutters and the garden environment make this a quiet room, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Dome Garden glamping village on the opposite side of The Lodge.

The Wood Store

The Wood Store is our third room inside the main Lodge. Still recycled and still with the same steam punk ethic, the Wood Store is on the first floor of the building and because it faces east across the garden, catches the early morning sun from the little deck where you can sit and enjoy the blast of morning sun with a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee..

The Wine Store

The Wine Store at the Lodge Rooms BnB

Very few pictures yet because we’re literally just finishing it. But like all our rooms it will be lovely and cosy. First floor of the lodge, access to the roof terrace and both morning and evening sun through the windows, decked out in wine themed timber walls and original wine crates. And what does wine have to do with the Forest of Dean?? Well ….
1. Not many people realise that the Forest of Dean – normally known for trees, coal and sheep – also has the oldest Vineyard in the UK.

And 2. (probably more importantly) In 1630 the first ever sparkling wine was produced here. It started with forest cidermakers adding sugar to their flat cider to make it fizzy – the second ferment. The idea then transferred to the Gloucestershire wine producers. but it was only possible because the Forest bottle makers could produce glass (due to using oak from The Forest in their kilns which made them hotter) was stronger than any one else’s. So the bottles didn’t explode when the pressure built up.

30 years later a rogue monk called Dom Perignan, from a place called Champagne, nicked the idea and claimed to be the first. So, NO!! ‘Methode Champenoise’ should not be a thing. “The Forest Method’ should be.

The Forest Store

The Forest Store is our twin-only room. It’s a lovely high-ceilinged space, on the first floor of the Lodge Rooms building, with two single beds. They’re modelled on the bushcraft beds used by the guests on “I’m a celebrity get me out of here!” and are lashed together with lengths of natural rope.

However, because the beds aren’t actually sitting on soft ground in the woods, we can’t rely on the rope bindings to hold them together!! So the beds are bolted in place, which means they’re nice and solid but can’t be made into a double.

That said, the room does have space down the middle for an extra child’s bed – which basically turns the whole room into a lovely cosy nest for a small family!

As with all The Lodge Rooms BnB spaces, the walls are adorned with our signature artificial ‘green-wall’ to remind you that you’re in the heart of the forest and it’s studded with 200 year old oak timbers! rescued from beneath 13 layers of wallpaper and still bearing the marks of the original wattle and daub.

Through the secret door is the bathroom, lined with natural slate to accentuate the simplicity of the white slipper bath.

(NB there’s no individual shower here – just a neat, little hand shower as part of the bath.)

The Refuge

The Lodge Rooms BnB doesn’t just have rooms on the inside. Out in the Garden is one more room – The Refuge – a 200 year timber building, once providing shelter and warmth for forest workers.

Now it’s doing the same for our visitors and has been converted into a lofted apartment with beds for up to four people. There’s a super-comfy double at ground level and two single beds in teh mezzanine above.

Downstairs, the timbered area is divided by sliding walls to the living area and next door there’s an ensuite shower room built inside what was the tool shed. We don’t include breakfast with The Refuge but there is a fully equipped mini-kitchen with a fridge, a freezer and an oven big enough for a small chicken. Outside is your own tiny garden so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in the morning sun.

It’s a brilliant space, full of historic reminders from chalk markings on the timber cladding, to the battered flagstone floor, painstakingly re-laid to underline its characterful but somewhat battered past.

The Food
After three years of ups and downs we are finally – with relief – bringing back a limited range of food options.

For the Lodge Rooms inside the main building, each morning we serve a very simple, complimentary, light breakfast – nothing too grand, just tea and toast, with jams and fruit and juice and yogurt and usually, yes, a little boiled egg or a slice of Spanish omelette!!- but it’s enough to get you going for the day. If you want something more substantial then again lots of places to find ’the works’ within a short distance.

In the evenings, there’s a selection of three tasty, traditional, home-cooked, rustic winter warmers.

At the moment the three dishes are
*Super-rich Shepherds Pie using local Forest lamb, and a recipe culled from some of the best chefs of our time.
*Creamy classical luxury Fish Pie – based on our Mums’ recipes. Now, they weren’t the best chefs of their time – but they did know how to make a traditional fish pie!
*Vegetarian Lasagne – definitely no animals harmed in the production of this little epic!

They’re all at £12.95 per head so by the time you add big chunks of crusty bread it’s a delicious little bargain that can be accompanied by bottles of Sauvignon Blanc or Malbec at £12 for a half bottle and £19 for a full size one.

N>B All our food is prepared to order so you MUST tell us you would like to eat when you make your booking – or the cupboards might be bare!!!

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, check out our recommendations for places to go by searching “Dome Garden pubs n grub” on the internet.

The Damage
Prices are per room, per night, for 2 people
Garden Store and Wood Store from £75 off-season weekdays to £105 on peak weekends.
Coal Store prices from £90 off-season weekdays, to £125 on peak weekends.

Unlike the domes, checkout of the Lodge rooms is strictly by 10.30am. If you want to make a full weekend of it and have access all day, until you decide to leave, ask us about the WEEKEND package at 2.5 x the daily rate.